Invest in the action community through memberships which fund film programs

Film Investment

So how does it work?

We have three ways to get involved in investing. From no risk to big rewards.

See them below

Fund films with a Membership


There are 3 ways to currently be involved in film and tv projects. 



Producers can post films seeking small funding for projects in the form of donations or you can watch a movie and the filmmaker will be paid.

Supporters of the film community are appreciated, there is a lot of gratitude from the filmmakers to you and we would also like to thank you.

But do you want to make money?


Qualified Investor

Investment in the film industry is like any other investment, it all comes down to quality, amount and contracts.

Simply join the email list and we will send you projects for you to consider as an investible film.



If you have a business and you have a marketing budget then you should consider sponsorship as an avenue. In the digital age your product or service is instantly accessible through a phone or screen and if you align with the demographic of the movie audience then you can be on a gold mine.

Investors are the backbone of the film industry

As an investor we will only send you films to consider that we believe will do well in the marketplace.

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