Your showreel isn't a meal, you can eat desert first

action actor showreel Jan 25, 2021

What is the number one biggest mistake actors make when it comes to showreels?

It seems logical for you to ease people into who you are and you slowly show them the awesome skills you have. 

You want them to get to know you and see how attractive you are, then you want to start to show them your range and then you want to finish with your best work. If you are acting then your most dramatic or charismatic footage and if you are an action actor your best skills last so that they really remember you.

Sounds about right? 

Well it's completely wrong.

You aren't eating a meal where you eat the stable first to get through the meat and potatoes and those greens your parents always made you eat and then get to the delicious desert. 

Nobody has time to get to know you. Everybody is too busy and you are just one of hundreds of showreels they have to look at that day. They just want to book the best person for the gig and they want to narrow it down as fast as possible.

Still not convinced.

Ok lets do some maths, I know right boring.

Let's say the average showreel is two minutes in length.

So you can watch 5 every 10 minutes, and 6 by 5 is 30, which is your hourly total, but let's add some time for doing the process. Going fast let's say that it takes one minute to close and load the next showreel. Now each showreel is three minutes. Having 60 minutes in an hour, this means that you can now only get through 20 every hour if you watch the whole thing.

You are given 100 applicants for one position (this is pretty low by the way) going hard you have to sit there for a solid 5 hours just to get through them, and your showreel is number 80 that they watch and you start it slow. Do you really think that they are going to watch it if it doesn't grab their attention right away. This is just one day and one role on one project.

Start strong, grab their attention, make them want to watch the rest of your amazing showreel.

You want to stand out from the crowd, you are doing this to book gigs and get on set. That's what you really want right?

Stop looking at it from what you think and start looking at it from the point of view of the person who can actually give you a job.

Are you thinking now that maybe your showreel kind of bites and is boring?

It's ok you can always edit it again and if you don't have the skills did you know that Action Movie Star TV can edit your showreel for you, it's kind of what we do.

Check it out and we edit showreels once a year for free for our members.

Happy hunting and we look forward to working with you on set one day.

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