What is the Superman Dilma

Dec 01, 2020

Let's chat about characters and tension in movies.

What makes a hero character someone that you are invested in?

We love a strong hero, they have to be strong because they are more than a normal human. They can jump higher and fight harder and they need to be smarter. They are the Hero, if they are just like us then they are an extra and who wants to watch a movie about extras...oh wait there is a couple of great films about the lives of extras and even a TV show. However we are talking about the main hero character here.

The hero should have a solid moral status like Batman who never kills and with the exception of Deadpool, who is a self proclaimed anti-hero. We want them to be better than us. We want them to make the choices that us normies wouldn't make because of their strength of character. After all integrity is what you do when no one is watching (ignore the cast and crew on set, lol)

Is there a risk for the Hero?

Thor as indestructible as he is can still have his eye ripped out of his head and he can be hurt. Even wolverine who regenerates can be beaten and knocked out, just watch out when they are feeling better and come back. You can tear Deadpool in half and it takes time for them to come back again. Wonder Woman is a demi god and can do amazing things but she can still be beaten. This makes the character interesting because the baddie has a chance, they can buy some time to escape, they can entrap and remove the powers if they have the tech, giving them enough time to push their plan of action and this helps to move the story and takes the audience on an emotional ride.

Superman is just about invincible and if they get some sun on them they get back to full strength unless you have the old green radioactive element kryptonite and then they become as weak as you and I. However you have to be pretty lucky to find you some green superman killer crystals.

Let's be honest if your hero is like Black Panther and when they are juiced up and wearing an indestructible suit then you don't really care what they are facing as they can't be hurt or beaten, it's just a mess of action which may look good but you have no emotional investment in it, because what is the worst that can happen. They fall over and then get back up. This is just boring and you are now just going from one explosion to the next punch or kick but there is not story tension.

Iron man is a great hero because his suit can be destroyed and tech keeps him alive, but apart for being a super brain and wealthy guy, he is still just a man of flesh and blood who can be hurt and can suffer even within his destructible suit. This is why Iron man is a great hero and Black Panther is less because the suit makes him indestructible and feels no pain and even the suit can store up an attack and give it right back. This make the Hero boring, there is no risk and all the choices they make are from a position of a god. They could simply walk trough the whole movie and use little to no energy and get to the end and just kills the baddie or get the thing with no effort. The hulk is also nearly indestructible but there is still the duality of the battle between the man and the monster.

Keep this in mind when you are creating the hero of your story, if they have no vulnerabilities then no one will be invested in them from a story or character perspective, because as a normal human we can't attach ourselves to them emotionally. We can't see ourselves in the character and they can just do whatever because nothing can hurt them, so the end of every battle is know even before any battle begins.

Just like in marketing we imagine ourselves as or with the character.

Flaws are what makes the character and the story interesting.

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