No stunts after lunch!

Oct 15, 2020

Come on seriously we are begging you, stop scheduling stunts straight after lunch.


We are hungry too and now we cant eat much if any in case it makes us sick during the action.

You try doing 100 back flips or throw yourself on the ground 50 times with a full belly.

How can we get around this travesty?

Schedule us into the production as a skill set requirement. This happens because the stunt team and action department are tough with a can do attitude, so production doesn't think too much about it because we will get on with the job and just do what needs to be done. 

OK calm down and's OK i'm fine.

Let's really talk about this though because it has happened on nearly every film I have worked on and the other stunties in the action crews know exactly what I mean when I say that we would love it if we could work together on this.

Action people are used to training in the morning or on a relatively empty stomach. Scheduling in the morning for fighting action scenes is great for us as that is when we are at out best and most accurate.

We would be much happier if stunts happened before lunch and you will get a much better and less sluggish performance in the morning and then set up the big stunts for the afternoon.

Have a lunch break and then do the bigger style stunts like rolling cars etc because a full belly is not so bad for those types of stunts and the team has had all morning to prepare the bigger stunt. Things like high falls and car hits are not so good on a full belly.

Keep that in mind when you are planning your next movie.

Your thanks from the Action Team.

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