Filmmakers get 100%

Oct 17, 2020

Free movie hosting and streaming and 100% of the profits.

Well minus bank charges, but you keep the rest. We don't want it, we want you to have it.

We were doing a 70/30 split in favour of producers but you know what, we have changed our minds and that is the awesome thing about being outside of the system and having your own system. We can keep changing how we do things to make it better for our members and community.

Yes you have to be a member to have your film up but you can be a free member, we just need to have your contact details and work out how we will pay you. It's really that simple.

Why would we give away 30% profit? What's in it for us?

We are a membership and education channel and we have many resources available for members to use for free including, film paperwork (over 75 documents), free stock footage, free special effects, free products to help develop personal and business skill, free action and stunt tutorials, yearly free upgrade to their show reels, free hosting on our actor database, and more.

Our funding comes from memberships and from sales in our shops and of course residuals from past projects. We are supporting our members as much as we can as they are our life blood and we love them and love what they do in their action journey and we love to help them step up their game.

So the reason we have made this decision is that we understand that we may be seen as competing against the other streaming services out there and that is not what we are doing. We are all about giving your action film a place to be seen and make a few dollars as well. If you have a contract and are locked into an agreement then keep going and we are happy for you. However if you have a film sitting around and want it out there and to be seen by others in the action film industry (and who knows what will happen the chat room if they reach out to you) then send your film to us and let's get it going.

Plus members get to watch your movies and any feature length films also receive a quarterly share in profits from memberships, just as a thank you for letting members watch your film.

You as a producer can't lose. It costs you nothing to have your film hosted by us and you get to make some money in a few ways and you can connect directly to our members through the internal chat groups and maybe line up the next project with cast and crew.

You as members and action movie fans as our kinds of people we want to help you in any way we can.

Check us out and i'm sure you ll see the value in what we do for you.

All the best

Action Movie Star TV

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