Action Directors in the edit suite

action films editing Nov 05, 2020

Directors and Editors it's time we had a heart to heart from the Action Directors

We love you and we love that you want to make action movies or have great action in a dramatic film but there is something that we really need to talk about.

The one thing that hurts action directors is not being invited into the edit suite to assist with the action sequence. We get it that it is a budgetary thing but I can almost say with 100% certainty that most of us would happily tag a edit day into the cost of having us involved in the project. If you don't have the budget then getting us in on post makes even more sense as we want the action to look amazing as that is the job we do. Who doesn't want to finish a job.

Imagine being a landscape gardener and you've removed all the rubbish and brought in what you needed and rebuilt that yard and you've dug all the holes and the turf is ready to lay and then you get sent home. Your job ends and someone else comes in and finishes it, even though they might know what to do they can never get it just as you imagined it, because they aren't you.

Please let us in, we thought up the action and fights, we chose the angles and how to shoot it but when it comes to post production we don't get brought in to bring the pieces together to bring out the magic.

It's crazy right, but it happens nearly every time.

Oh yeah having a rant.

Action doesn't just happen it takes time and a good action director is considering more than just how will a punch work. We want the type of action to fit the style of film and the characters action is a reflection of their personality. 

Editors are great and directors know what they want, but we know that a frame here or there or a slight speed change will give the final edit the look and style that we imagined and we can't make that happen with a few notes.

Action can be copied and it can be recreated and both will work but only one will be remembered as original.

Action directors want their work to stand out and be remembered and we feel like we are creative, we just do it with more violence and explosions.

So the next time you are thinking to make a movie with some action in it and you are looking to get someone involved, check with them to see if they want to be involved in the edit and if they do then please make it happen.

You will be very happy you did.

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