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What is Panoply Pictures?

We are film people who have had films finished and just sitting around on the internet collecting the odd view. We wanted a way to create a fair way for those films to make a monthly income. We have created a community to help film creators solve this problem and they receive many more benefits as a member.


What does membership give me?

It gives you full access to all of our education and tutorials. It allows you to promote yourself and get a yearly showreel update. You can watch our films for free and so much more. Not to mention we can help finance your next film and you can earn yourself some money as well.


How are my fees used?

Panoply means collection and we are contributed to by our members and we redistribute back to our members through various services available. Part of the fees goes to contributing content producers for streaming, a percentage is allocated for film funds for members to apply for. The remainder goes to charity and operational costs. 


Can I cancel my membership?

Yeah of course, just cancel and you are good. No exit fee of course, that's not how we roll here.

We would be sorry to see you leave but you are always welcome back in the future.


How can I make money with Panoply Pictures?

We want you to be making movies or at the very least be making a passive income with us. You can make money in several ways.

Referrals -  This is open for any member, just refer someone and when they sign up they put your name down as the referral and you will receive a $5 bonus for a monthly member and $20 for a yearly member.

Stock Footage - Upload a video and if we use it we will list it for $9.90 and you receive 80% of any downloads.

Short Films - Upload your short action film and we will list it for $1 and you receive 100% of any downloads.

Feature Films - Upload your short action film and we will list it for $3 and you receive 80% of any downloads.

Additionally 40% of membership fees is allocated for even division for feature film contributors as these films are available for free for members to view.

Investment - We have film projects from members sourcing funding and investors are able to capitalise on this.


What is the Infinity Film?

Started in quarantine the idea is that anyone can add to and follow on from the previous scene and then when it is watched the viewer can take a different path each time and therefore watch a different film. It's an infinity film, it's something where you can showcase your skills and we can have some fun and it's free to contribute and watch :-) 


Members are special to us

We wanted a way for members to make some extra income, so we came up with a few ideas.

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