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So what the hell do we do here?!

Good question, well we have been in the film industry a long time and I have this crazy idea that all sales and donations can be pooled together and given to you as film finance.

Exactly, What the hell!

So here's the deal
Panoply means collective and with sales through our revenue streams and donations of any amount big or small.

We will put up $1000 every month to cover a base line, but with support from the online community, that number can grow to have enough to release one million a month, or even more.
Plus as a donator you will be in the run to win $100 each month

We simply hold the funds in one place and then release them to the winning pitch for that session.

You see we aren't selling you a course or secrets etc

Even our studio is donation based - You pay what you want

A film collective with film funding where the fans choose the pitch.

Welcome to Panoply Pictures

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